Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaguey

       Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaguey was founded May 23, 2002

in the city of Camaguey, Cuba under the direction of the teacher

and choreographer Tania Vergara Perez. The company came to

be via an artistic project of the Association of the Brothers Saiz and

shortly after started to become a part of the dance institutions of

the National Guild of Theatrical Arts.


       The technical base of the dancers training is classical and is

supplemented with modern dance training and experimental,

improvisation exercises. The company has grown through a number

of investigative episodes in search of how to best represent theatrical


       Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaguey has had a very fruitful life

in the panorama that is dance at the national level, not only in

their recurring performances throughout the country, but also

at international competitions. The company’s aesthetic is always

molding in the necessary ways to transmit their visual message

via symbolism, a concept that transcends the physical and expresses

the spirituality that drives all humans to find themselves. The company

depends on sensations and gestures to relate to its audience, never

renouncing virtuosity or technique.

       Throughout its growth, the company has invited a number of international choreographers that have greatly enriched the company’s repertory and their artistic and aesthetic molding. Pedro Ruiz has had the most fruitful collaboration with the company via The Windows Project and is choreographing important works present in the current repertory. As of a couple of years, the company has transitioned to a new director, Yaylin Ortiz Claveria, who throughout her work with the company has opened the dancers up to her own interpretation of this dance universe defined by her own diligent work in classical and contemporary dance.